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China Online - Society & Social Institutions

China Online
Hosted by the China Internet News Center, it focuses on China’s history and present situations, including politics, economy, society and culture. Meanwhile, it offers news and consultancy services.
China Information
Hosted by the China Internet News Center, it offers general infor­mation on China.
China E-fairs
Online exposition on Chinese political, economic, social and cul­tural development.
China Reform
Hosted by the China Society for Restructuring Economic System, it features reforms in national economy, social condition analysis, re­forms in enterprise, financial, taxation and social security systems. The China Society for Restructuring Economic System is a national non­governmental organization engaged in academic research and consultancy service in economic system reform.
China Law
A legal affair portal hosted by related central legal organizations, it features news, theory, legal construction and laws and stipulations.
China Law Online
It is hosted by the China Law Society, which is a national aca­demic organization in China’s legal and jurisdiction circles.
China Law Information
Hosted by Peking University, it features a search engine in laws and stipulations, law education, legal consultancy, research papers and legal publications.
China Village Self-Governance Information
Hosted by the Rural Cadres Training Center under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, it features keynote speeches, policies and laws, news, theoretical research, statistical analysis, township-level democracy, township forums and special topics.
China Human Rights
Hosted by the China Internet News Center, it features China’s human rights development, human rights theory, laws and policies, news and organizations.
Chinese Women
Hosted by the All-China Women’s Federation, it features infor­mation on situation and development of Chinese women, women organizations, hot topics and news.
China International Review
Hosted by the China Internet News Center, it provides views and comments by Chinese experts on world affairs.
China Anti-cult Net
It is a website hosted by the China Anti-cult Society, a social or­ganization established at the proposal of personnel from the Chinese scientific, social scientific, medical, legal, religious and press circles.
China Intellectual Property Rights
Hosted by the Intellectual Property Rights Press under the State Intellectual Property Office, it features information on patent, trade mark and copyright protection.
China Copyright Protection
It is a website hosted by the China Copyright Protection Center. An agency set up by the government for copyright administration and service, the center, in accordance with related laws and stipulations, safeguards the lawful rights and interests copyrights holders and users, encouraging creation and prosperity of science and culture and pro­moting the advancement of copyright undertakings.
China Information for Sustainable Development
Hosted by the State Ocean Information Center, it features infor­mation on Chinese ocean resources, oceanic exploration and development, oceanic research and database.
China Environmental Protection Net
An official website hosted by the Information Center of the State Administration of Environmental Protection, it features environmen­tal bulletin, environmental quality, pollution control, ecological balance, scientific and technological industries, laws and regulations, industrial standards and international exchanges.
China Environment Online
It is a website hosted by the Publicity and Education Center of the State Administration of Environmental Protection. The Center hosts the State Environment Publicity and Education Network and is the pro­duction and training base for national environmental protection films and television programs.
China Ocean Information Network
Hosted by the National Ocean Information Center, it features in­formation on China oceanic resources and oceanic economy, includ­ing ocean information database, database on oceanic laws and regulations, database of oceanic documents and records and database on oceanic environment.
China Population
It is a website hosted by the China Population Information and Research Center. An affiliate with the State Family Planning Commission, it focuses on population research and information service. It is also a policy consultancy organization for national population de­velopment and family planning causes.
China Golden Health Net
A comprehensive professional health net, it features medical trends, remote medicine, traditional medicine, special report and information services.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hosted by the Information Center of the State Drug Administration, it features trends in medical circles, remote medicine, academic ex­changes and online services.
China Information Net on Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hosted by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it boasts the largest database in the industry, covering infor­mation on government, clinical practices, scientific research and education. It also provides information searching, online clinical practice, online teaching and e-business.
China Sports Information Net
Hosted by the State General Administration of Sports, it features Chinese sports undertakings, sports administration, health and press digest.
Social Institutions
All China Federation of Trade Unions
The All-China Federation of Trade Unions is a voluntary organi­zation of the workers under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It now has more than half a million grass root trade unions with more than 80 million members.

All-China Women’s Federation
The basic function of the All-China Women’s Federation is to unite and mobilize women to participate in economic construction and so­cial development, to represent and safeguard women’s rights and interests, and promote equality between men and women.

All-China Youth Federation
The All-China Youth Federation is one of the key people’s orga­nizations under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It adopts a system of collective and individual memberships. It now has 45 collective members, including 12 national collective members such as the Communist Youth League of China and the All-China Students Federation.
(international edition)

All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
A national people’s organization by returned overseas Chinese and their families.

China Overseas Exchange Association
A national non-governmental organization devoted to promoting cooperation and exchange in economy and trade, science and technology, culture and education, news media, tourism, sports, health are and social welfare.

China Association of Non-governmental Organizations
The association is founded to promote the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and international non-governmental organizations in poverty relief, environmental protection and social development.

China Council for Promoting Peaceful Reunification of the Motherland
It is a non-governmental organization set up by people from various walks of life for promoting the peaceful reunification of the motherland. It aims at uniting people at home and abroad to advance e non-governmental exchanges between people across the Strait and China’s peaceful reunification.

China Association for Taiwan Compatriots
It is a provincial fellowship organization for Taiwan compatriots in the mainland.

All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
It is a people’s organization for the industrial and commercial circles.

China Council for Promotion of International Trade/China Chamber of International Commerce
The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade is a national non-governmental foreign trade organization composed of representative personnel from Chinese economy and trade circles, en­terprises and business organizations. It mainly engages in activities promoting foreign trade, using of foreign capital, introduction of world advanced technologies, and Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation.

China Society for Human Rights Studies
It is a national academic institution devoted to promoting human rights development in China and the world.

China Taiwan Information Center
It is a cultural communication institution devoted to Taiwan issues, and advancing Across-Straits exchanges and national reunification.

China Anti-cult Society
It is a social organization established at the proposal of person­nel from the Chinese scientific, social scientific, medical, legal, reli­gious and press circles.

China Charity Fund
It is national social organization devoted in charity and social welfares.

China Welfare Institute
It is an organization devoted to welfare of women and children.

Chinese Red Cross
It is the official Red Cross organization of the People’s Republic of China devoted to humanitarian causes.

China Poverty-Relief Foundation
The foundation is devoted to supporting and helping poor com­munities and population to improve work, life and health conditions and their quality and ability for sustained development.

China Women Development Foundation
It is a national non-profit organization for supporting the devel­opment of women and women’s causes, especially in women education, training, poverty-relief and other welfare services.

China Youth Development Foundation
It is a national social organization aiming at winning domestic and overseas support for Chinese youth in promoting the development in youth education, science and technology, culture, sports, health care and social welfares.

China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation
It is a non-profit public-interest organization for children’s wel­fare causes.

World Wildlife Fund in China
It is the China office of World Wildlife Fund, the world’s largest independent non-governmental organization in environmental protection.

Friends of Nature
It is a non-governmental organization for environmental protec­tion aiming at environmental education, advocating green movement and promoting China’s environment protection.

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